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Software Features


RealityCharting increases the quality of any problem analysis by providing guidance and structure absent in other charting software.

  • Self-Paced Online Training Available with Options 1-3
  • Detailed Problem Definition Captures Important Information
  • Innovative Cause Creation with Drag-and-Drop Functionality
  • Built-in Integrity Check Ensures Robust Quality
  • Effective Solution Generation and Assessment Capabilities
  • Attach Pictures, Videos and Documents as References
  • Multiple Layout Views Provide User Defined Formatting
  • Track Changes Tool Facilitates Team Collaboration
  • Accessible Notes Help Define Global and Local Detail
  • Unique Preference Settings Personalize Appearance and Features
  • Hide/Show Causes Tool Focuses Areas of Interest
  • Established Reporting Requirements
  • Wizard Window Guides New or Occasional Users

Online Training

RC Coach™ is provided with Online Training Options 1, 2, and 3 and facilitates learning the ARCA™ problem solving process and the software application all in one interactive online learning module.

RC Simplified™ Software Included

When you purchase certain training options, we include RC Simplified™, which is an easy to use application intended for general use by anyone who wants to document a small problem by creating a Realitychart. It can be used by other stakeholders to document their understanding of the causes they know about a larger event and then send them to the investigator who is using RealityCharting® to document the complete analysis. All RC Simplified™ files will open in RealityCharting®.

Tutorial Videos

Want to know how to use any feature in RealityCharting® includes videos of all main features. If you can’t find what you want, let us know and we will add a new one with future updates. To get started with a quick review, watch the Fast Start Tutorial.

Integrity Check

Instead of having to manually run the rules check for charting violations, RealityCharting® checks your work in real time and displays the status of how well you are doing. If you are following most of the rules and only need to do a quick cleanup at the end, this feature allows you to select the few remaining violations and easily correct them. Rules Check Video

Team Members

The information window now includes a place to easily document the name and contact information for all team members. This affords the ability to easily assign action items and solutions through the use of a drop down menu and in future RealityCharting® updates to quickly email files to your teammates. Team Members Video

Attaching Files

The dream is now a reality. From the very first version of RealityCharting®, users have envisioned the ability to attach files such as reports, photos and videos to the evidence box. Well, RealityCharting® delivers on that dream. References Video

Cause Attributes

When hovering over a cause, icons appear along the top and display the number of solutions, comments or rules violations associated with that cause. Selecting any of these icons opens the related interface window. You can add solutions or notes to a specific cause simply by selecting the appropriate icon. If you select the rules check icon, the rules check begins. Cause Attributes Video

Improved Functionality

RealityCharting® provides many smart features that allow access to the functions when and where you need them. For example, selecting the More Information Needed icon opens the Action Item Report. Selecting the Stop icon opens the reasons for stopping window. Selecting the R at the end of an evidence box opens a window that allows you to attach a file in the reference window. Double clicking a cause highlights it and the successive cause paths. Double click the Options node and a new cause box appears. Time Saving Features Video

Track Changes

This powerful feature identifies changes to cause box text or structure of the Realitychart and then allows an editor to accept or reject these changes. Track Changes Video


Customizing your Realitychart has never been easier. Using the new Preferences functionality, the user can customize many different features, the Problem Definition fields, the color of conditional causes, action causes or root causes and the advanced evidence selections. You can also modify the new Solution Assessment Report. Preferences Video

Hide/Show Causes

Need to make your Realitychart smaller so you can present a summary for executive briefings? With this new feature it is as simple as two mouse clicks. Hide/Show Causes Video

Spell Check

Fix those spelling mistakes before you finalize your chart and build up your own dictionary of commonly used terms.

Solution Assessment Report

Solution Assessment Report – This great new feature allows the user to perform a detailed business analysis of the proposed solutions using customized user-generated criteria. Solution Assessment Report Video

Custom View

One of many new features to allow changing the chart size to fit on a particular paper size. In addition to allowing you to change the chart scale, this innovative new feature allows you to move causes anywhere you want separate from your finalized Realitychart. Create as many customized charts as you want. Custom View Video

Chart Zooming

With RealityCharting® you can zoom in or out on the workspace and in the various page layout views.

Multiple Charts/Navigation

With this feature you can open two or more Realitycharts at the same time and drag causes from chart to chart. Multiple Realitycharts Video

Print to PDF

To eliminate printer driver problems, which dominate user issues, RealityCharting® prints to PDF and opens the file in an Adobe® Acrobat® window that also provides access to many new sharing features on Printing Video


The dashboard provides metrics on your Realitychart such as the number of causes or team member breakdown. Time Saving Features Video

Packaged Files

If your Realitychart has references you want to share with others, RealityCharting® will package the Realitychart and associated Reference files into a single file that can be sent to others and opened for a complete review. Packaged Chart Video

Copy and Paste Causes:

Another feature added by popular demand. You can now select as many causes as you want, copy them and paste them in another spot or another chart. Editing Causes Video

File Encryption

Individual Realitycharts or packaged files can be encrypted so the only way someone can open it is with the assigned password.

Insert New Effect

Users asked for it, and now they have it. You can now insert a cause between the causes by using this new feature. Node Menu Video

Color Individual Causes

Select one or more cause boxes and then using the new color tool in the menu bar, choose a color for the selected causes. Toolbar Video

New Possible Solutions Report

The possible Solutions Report now has the ability to comment on each solution, assign an owner from a drop down list of team members and rank each solution.

New Graphic User Interface:

Bold new colors and icons abound in this version.

Report Feedback

Most of the features you will find in RealityCharting® came from you, the user, and we want to continue to hear from you, so if you have difficulties or can’t find the feature you want, give us some feedback by selecting the Report Feedback button in the top level menu bar.

Multiple Language Capabilities in RealityCharting Version 6

For the many global companies that use RealityCharting® we now have the ability to easily convert it to a foreign language by use of a replaceable language table. RealityCharting Version 6 comes with the ability to select the following languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Dutch, and German.

A release of RealityCharting Version 7 with translations for those and others will be forthcoming in 2015.