Drilling for Non-Drillers

During this course participants will learn firm foundation in Drilling Engineering by understanding the lifecycle of a well planning from cradle to the grave.  Attendees will experience a holistic, multi-disciplinary, and integrated management course that will involve operations, personnel, administration, finance, and legal functions.

Participant will have the opportunity to learn about well planning from the drilling engineer’s perspective.  Other topics that will be covered include tendering and contracting strategy, project finance and administration, supply chain management, and project closeouts.  QHSE management systems, risk management processes, levels of risk management, and operational risk management and analysis will also be covered.


  • The main goal of this course will be to teach participants how to understand the mindset of the drilling department especially in a high cost environment.
  • By the end of the course, participants should be familiar with the key issues and principles associated with drilling projects planning and execution, as well as how to assist in delivering the value chain process as part of the drilling team and to communicate efficiently to increase the value of a project.


The management of resources with on-going or planned drilling operations.  It is also suitable for junior drilling department staff, drilling technical administrators, analysts, legal department, secretarial, project management team, Insurance Valuator and Specialist,  finance department, supply chain & procurement department as well as personnel and HR department.

Day 1

Oil and Gas Industry

  • Drilling Project Management
  • Exploration vs Development
  • Life of field : From Well Proposal to Well Abandonment
  • Drilling Rig & Logistics Operations

The first day will focus on general oil and gas industry know how, followed by drilling project management and the differences between an exploration and a development drilling campaign also the well life cycle from cradle to grave.  The review of how the drilling rig works its components and logistic support base operations review will finish the day. 

Day 2

Drilling Engineering

  • Drilling Bits: Types and choosing the bit, dull grading.
  • Drill String and Bottom Hole Assemblies: Components and their functions
  • Directional Drilling: Well trajectory.
  • Drilling Fluids and Cementing
  • Formation Evaluation
  • Casing & Completion Design
  • Wellhead & Christmas Tree
  • Drilling HSE

The second day of this course will focus on what exactly is drilling engineering and their day to day jobs.  Today might be boring so we will endeavor to make it interesting.

Day 3

Drilling Engineering Link to other department

  • Well Design Process : from gathering data to closeout
  • Drilling Contracts : Drilling Rig, Drilling Services major contracts and other minor supporting contracts.
  • Drilling Cost: Tangibles, intangibles, cost coding and invoicing.
  • Well Control Equipment and Well Insurance

The third day of this course will tie together the different participants of this course which is procurement and contracting, legal and insurance, cost, finance and accounting elements covered in this day. Participants will be able to better understand how drilling operation is linked to their daily activities and apply this knowledge to their job.

Day 4

Simulations and Role Play

  • Role play to understand what does it take to be a driller

The last day of this course the participants will role play by reversing the roles of each departments (Procurement, finance, drilling, G&G, etc) to better understand how each functions can create a better value chain for continuous improvement intitiative within their respective departments. 


  • Hard / Soft Copy Materi Training
  • Sertifikat Training dari HSP
  • 2x coffee break
  • Makan Siang
  • Gimmick 


  • Durasi Training Selama 4 Hari


  • HSP Academy Training Center – Gading Serpong – Tangerang 

BIAYA TRAINING: Rp. 6,500,000,- (Enam juta lima ratus ribu rupiah) 


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